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Addaero Story

The idea started in 2005 with a frustrated athlete and a coach with a simple idea. Addaero has evolved into something better and it is getting bigger. While maintaining the simplicity that our users desire, Addaero continues to add features and functionality that provide an invaluable tool for coaches and athletes.

Today, athletes on three continents are experiencing the benefits of Addaero and using it as a tool to reach their fitness, health, and wellness goals. As a company, we continually strive to take Addaero to the next level. Our mission – leverage technology, with talented employees and industry relationships to provide the health and fitness tools to achieve your goals on your own, with a coach, with a group, or all three. Our objective is to maintain dedicated application development, reliable member support and realistic membership costs.

We promise to continue to grow Addaero in a way that provides you with a product that makes your life easier by listening to our users, keeping it simple, and striving to always improve.

What is Addaero Solo?



Addaero Solo is a suite of web based training tools for coaches, groups, and individuals designed to plan, track and analyze health and fitness. It removes the barriers and excuses that keep people from improving their health and fitness. Solo achieves this by connecting the individual to friends, groups, coaches, and their data. These connections benefit everyone, from the beginner to the elite athlete by providing motivation, instruction, accountability, goals and analysis.
Addaero Solo synchronizes your health and fitness data from providers, such as Garmin, FitBit, and Withings. This information, combined with instruction and planning from a coach or trainer, is displayed in a simple, easy to understand format allowing for meaningful analysis.
Addaero Solo
Solo for Athletes
Addaero Solo

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Do you have a goal?

Finish your first 10k, race the Leadville 100, qualify for an Ironman Triathlon, run a 5k with your family, lose weight, walk 10,000 steps each day? Addaero Solo’s online training log helps you plan, track and manage your daily health and fitness by connecting you to your data, coaches, groups, and friends.
We understand every person has different health and fitness goals, motivation, and expectations; beginner to the elite athlete Solo was designed to be flexible and meet each individual’s health and fitness needs.
The software you use to track your health and fitness should not be a barrier to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start with a training plan, find a coach, use multiple coaches, self-coach, group coach, combine all of the options. Connect your Solo account to Garmin, Withings, Fitbit. Whatever works for your lifestyle, Solo can adapt and meet your needs.
Solo is intended to be the free online training log for you to use today, tomorrow, and forever. As your health and fitness interests change, Addaero is flexible to adapt to these changes.