With winter fast fading and the triathlon season looming, anyone looking at taking their triathlon journey to the next level, be it their first Sprint race or working towards Hawaii qualification, that wants some extra guidance with their training, should consider getting a coach.

As a new venture into coaching,  and being involved in triathlon for over 10 years. I was Self coached with the assistance of the Laker’s sessions for almost 7 years and then turned to the assistance of an on-line coach for 2 years, and still continue. I found that the external perspective provided a great sounding board.

During this time I have seen hundreds of people, not only reach their triathlon goals but also to grow as an individual. I view a coaching role, as not someone who simply sets sessions for you to do, rather to  looking at developing you as a complete athlete, exploring things like bike handling, swim, bike and run technique, life balance, growing self-belief, diet, and race strategies to name just a few.

Each time as a coach we can  catch up it offers a chance to review data, explore developments and talk through challenges and improvement opportunities. Many people think a coach is just for the fast guys and the elite. The reality is the majority of people who are coached are beginners or middle of the packers, with equal numbers of males and females.

Sure,  those at the pointy end are those’s that  attract all the attention, but as a coach and competitor I draw just as much satisfaction from seeing a beginner overcome their fears to become a triathlete as someone winning a state title.

I view the relationship as a partnership where we work together to create an environment that allows you to flourish and reach your goals. If you are interested and want to know more please drop me a line on 0417 847 123 or flick me an email