Dreams are FREE, Goals are Functional!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. – Tony Robbins

If you are yet to do so, the next few weeks are the perfect time to sit down and establish your targets for the year ahead. What dream do you have that you want to make reality?

What is it that you really want to achieve over the coming 12 months? If you’re here chances are you are thinking of tackling an endurance event. To make the most of the year coming its best to sit down, complete a brain dump (writing all your ideas, often desired events, down on a piece of paper) and then work out which ones are really important to you?   You now have a blueprint and a rough road map for 2016!

With this Endurance Target freshly in mind you now have clarity around where your motivation lies. As a result you are now in a position to take action. You will be amazed at the clarity writing down the events and challenges that you want to tackle often brings to your actions and to your training.

The difference between dreams and targets (goals) is that targets are when we take our dreams and make a conscious effort to go about achieving them. It is free to dream, but there is a cost associated with achieving your targets. They take time, dedication, hard work, sweat, commitment and sometimes money.

This easy and free cost (time, emotion, money) means that there is an allure about dreaming big, people love to throw around BIG Dreams, with out ever acting upon them. But if you have written your dreams down you have taken the first step of turning your dreams into targets! You have set yourself more than a destination; you have set yourself a journey. You have empowered yourself; now its time to keep the motivation going and climb your mountain.

Happy target setting team!