TI Swimming Videos

Thousands of TI swimmers have discovered these qualitative goals are not only realistic, but—when used as daily guidelines—improve your chances of realizing any speed, distance, or technique goal.

Total Immersion Freestyle Ultimate Demo

How To Swim Freestyle by Shinji Takeuchi – Acceleration:

Part 1 – Perpetual Motion Freestyle for long distance and open water

Part 2 – Perpetual Motion Freestyle compared to “Human Swimming”

Part 3 – Learn to be Weightless

Part 4 – Path of least Resistance

Part 5 – Active Streamlining

Part 6 – Learn to swim with your Body

Part 7 – Channel your energy forward

Part 8 – Tune your 2-Beat Kick

Part 9 – TI Swimming Faster Presentation – A System for Speed

Part 10 – TI Kona Camp- Terry Laughlin discusses propulsion and positioning