Tempo Trainer

The finis tempo trainer pro

A fantastic swimming beeper that’s super easy to use!


Take control of your stroke rate: Placed under your swim cap, The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro beeps an exact stroke tempo to you – simply swim and time your stroke to the beep!

The Tempo Trainer Pro is our number one piece of coaching equipment used throughout Swim Smooth from the squads in Perth through to our training plans and on-line coaching. It’s very easy to use but such a powerful way to develop your swimming!

Introduction video

Swimming beepers:

‘Swimming Beepers’ such as the Tempo Trainer Pro are fantastic tools to help you develop your swimming. They operate in two simple ways:

A) In ‘Stroke Rate Mode’ program in a strokes per minute figure (e.g. 60 SPM), place the Tempo Trainer under your swim cap and you will hear it beep the stroke rhythm to you as you swim; all you need to do is time your strokes to the beep as your hands enter the water. You can easily lower or raise your stroke rate slightly to find the sweet spots in your stroke efficiency. Set your Tempo Trainer Pro to mode 3 to do this.

B) In ‘Lap Interval Mode’ (modes 1 or 2 on the Tempo Trainer Pro) set the Tempo Trainer to a speed that you wish to swim at per 25m (or 25yd or 33m in those pools). Like a ‘beep test’ in the gym you then simply pace your swim so that you are pushing off on each lap on the beep. Most swimmers have very poor pacing, starting to fast and then fading which greatly harms their performances. In fact many swimmers set PBs the very first time they use a stroke beeper for this reason!

tempo trainer pro exploded diagram

 Nothing approaches stroke rate beepers when it come to value :

Approximate Olympic Distance Triathlon Time Saving:
Bike: Aero Helmet $200+ 30 seconds
Bike: Aero Wheels $1200+ 1-3 minutes
Run: Racing Flats $100+ 10-20 seconds
Swim: Tempo Trainer Pro  $38 to $50 Purchased mine for $38 from Wiggle on sale. Improved Rhythm & Timing: 1-3 minutes*
Better Pacing Skills: 1-3 minutes*
Fitness (Improved Training Quality): 1-2 mins*
*typical times saved after training consistently with a swimming beeper

Quick facts

Audible Beep : Loud enough to hear in and out of water

Adjustable: Tempo can be adjusted by 1/100 of a second

Replaceable Battery : Allows for an extended life

Sync Button : Synchronize the device to a pace clock or stopwatch

3 Modes : Single beep from to 0.20 seconds to 99.99 seconds, Triple beep from 1 second to 9:59 minutes, Single beep in strokes/strides per minute

Perfect for Pacing : Consistent stroke tempo eliminates lulls in races or workouts

Multi Sport : Applicable for swimming, biking, running and more

Floatation : Unit floats in water

Small Convenient Size : Easily place under swim cap

Dryland Clip Included : Use the removable clip to secure to clothing

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