Reverse vs. Traditional Periodization for Triathlon Training

Periodizing your triathlon training plan means that you alter the frequency, intensity and volume of your training sessions across a period of time, to help you arrive at your goal race in peak fitness. This will involve developing different aspects of your fitness at different times of the year.

Are fatter tyres faster

Even if you haven’t got Disc Brakes and Disc Specific Wheels, below is an explanation why it may be benificial to go up is Tire size, to 25mm or 28mm on standard Road Rims.

How Triathletes Should Read Lab Results

I was 61 years old and in for a routine check-up that included some labs. At this point in life, training six days a week (averaging 14hr/week) for Half and Full Ironman events. I assumed everything would look flawless. I was wrong. I got a call back from the Doctor (GP) saying I needed to come back in and discuss some elevated lab values.

Blood Simple

Let’s suppose that next time something is different. Looking at your blood work, the doctor gravely tells you that you have high cholesterol and your AST is slightly elevated. Do you panic?

Liver Let Die

The liver is one of the major fat burning organs in the body, and is often referred to as a “fat pumping” organ. What this means is that the liver can carry fat into the small intestine through bile, where it gets taken out of the body by bowel action.