Male / Female Intermittent Fasting – Two sides of the same Coin

The issue of women specific Intermittent fasting seems to generally revolve around Hormone imbalance’s and fertility issues.

  • Fatigue
  • Depressed mood
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Irregular periods
  • and fertility issues
  • etc, some but not limited to.

“I see it as the two sides of the same Coin”

Refer article I just posted to highlight, from a Dr.Amy Shah, M.D., a double board-certified doctor who received her medical training from Cornell, Harvard and Columbia Universities.  “A woman’s guide to intermittent fasting”

However females have a perception they are alone in the universe, and the male component don’t also experience similar issue’s. I don’t agree however,  male’s DO need to consider similar issue’s specific, to but not limited to!

  • Fatigue
  • Depressed mood
  • Headaches
  • Lower testosterone production
  • etc, some but not limited to.

I practice Intermittent Fasting 18/6, some periodic 5:2 Fasting, Calorie Restriction and varied Protein intake from 0.8gram/Kg to 1.5gram/Kg, and a Regular exercise regime, (and considered fit).

I practice these regimes, NOT for a Week or a Month or a Year, but as a Life Style, it is constant, it is a chore in Life, like bathing. Some mornings you don’t want to do it, but you do, it feels good after. Just like clean over dirty feels good, so do fitness over lethargy, health over sickness, awareness over dispondancy.

I happen to be a 65 year old male, 175cm tall and 65kg, use no medication and have no underlying heath irregularities, (that I am aware of).

“I do NOT diet, or try to loose weight!”

It just happen’s – the natural cause of things, I have no time frame or agenda. I just stay in BALANCE, and  BALANCE is one Key. In effect – HOLISM!

I have tried and use many of these practices and experiment for myself – on how I FEEL, (not on what others tell me, that includes Me.  I tell you nothing, this is just text of concepts.)

With any change in Routine for instance:

  • eating habits
  • eating timing
  • eating quantity
  • eating what
  • exercise where
  • exercise what
  • exercise how much
  • exercise how intense

The body will always show initial resistance, especially if done to quickly  (The body is PROTECTIVE –  to protective.  Current Society is to Protective eg; sanitise and drug everything, and make our body immune to nothing, watch enough TV ad’s, and is you wonder if the Western World can survive this germ laden environment. It’s a wonder the Third World exists in it billions. By percentage it is in a healthier state,  and I sometimes think a more informed state, despite the lack of education and heath care.

Typical causes are the majority of the populations aversion to exercise (and I don’t mean walking), raising your heart rate to uncomfortable is not a crime, or a death sentence, in the initial stages it is uncomfortable, but if you start slow and build your ability to endure your discomfort tolerance increases. Even seasoned runners (especially the more mature) would agree the first 15 – 20 minute of any run are the hardest, (heart rate all over the place, muscles are stiff and sore, this is the warm up) then it improves the longer you go, and this is where the true enjoyment and benefits start.

Exercise is not EASY – whoever said it was! Its just not served up like fast Food.

If you want easy, stay on the Couch or go to your Doctor for a pill (they are great at stroking and complying to there 15min window of opportunity).

Unfortunately this first 15 – 20 min is what the beginner uses as the excuse. in there own mind, which is reinforced by others of like mind (and they are in the majority and easy to find, and of course generally correct!)

Eating and nutrition is the same, it takes weeks and months, years to adopt a life stye that works for you. ( Not the myriad of TV fad diet’s or Healthy Cooking show’s mostly targeted at Women.)

Take all things slowly (Male or Female) and start to “listen to you body over time.TIME being the Key.

Unfortunately, we live in a NOW world, (If there isn’t a quick fix, there is a million excuses.) PATIENCE is another KEY Element.

People Lack Patience – Lack Mental strenght – Lack Awareness – Lack Survival instincts, and are all to quick to find a negative to excuse themselves of there own shortcomings.

No wonder so many in the Western World people suffer depression. In the Third world people are to busy surviving, to be depressed.

All I say, is read everything, discard what you don’t like, but be prepared to review again what you may initial discard. Believe no-one, trust in what “YOU FEEL is for you” over Time.

“PATIENCE – BALANCE – TIME”       Stay Happy!     Fat or Thin.      Fit or Lethargic .

Hey it’s your life after all! You have to answer to no-one but yourself, you are your own biggest critic.

“You are who, you have to answer to!”  When you start lying to yourself , thats when you have a problem!!!!


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