“Obsessed is what the unmotivated call the dedicated”

Hopefully this should get you thinking!

Anyone who has failed to form good habits (or break bad ones) in the past and is now succeeding understands that continuous dedication and focus are key ingredients for progress. I think the quote is trying to get at the fact that dedication and focus can appear as obsessive to those unfamiliar with those concepts – there are many people that simply don’t know that it takes constant hard work to achieve a goal or a dream.


However I think there’s an interesting flip-side to this quote that we would do well to not overlook. Take a look at how ‘obsession’ is defined (at Dictionary.com ) – “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.”. The word domination jumps out at me here and implies something potentially destructive if left unchecked. I think it’s important to remember why you are working towards a goal so that we can keep analysing ourselves; Is our progress still making us a better person in the grand scheme of things? Are we neglecting other important aspects of our lives such as family and friends?

The answers to these questions are not universal. They depend entirely upon the type of person that you are and what’s most important to you. People like Thomas Edison were driven to change the world by working ‘obsessively’ towards a dream, whilst potentially sacrificing personal relationships. And there are people out there that we will never hear of, working diligently and quietly towards humble goals like raising a family or caring for someone in need, whilst potentially sacrificing a career. The level of dedication may be similar in both cases, even if their ‘obsessions’ have led to the sacrifice of very different aspects of their lives.


What matters is being true to ourselves and working towards what really matters to us – not what we’re told should matter to us. If we can do that then our ‘obsessions’ might just lead us to success and happiness.

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