Good Form, Sir

Form above Function:  There are some out there who say that Form will Follow Function in the human body with training, … this I greatly dispute. Most coaching programs follow the same methodology (it is almost predictable), there is an over concentration  on the physical nature of the activities and the Metrics (Further, Faster, Fitter, VO2, Zones, Cadence, Heart-Rate, Heavier, More-Less the list goes on …) Sure this is what you train for and probably expect from a coach?

Most all of the training routines you see in the fitness industry are designed with one thing in mind—to help you build that elusive fitness level that physique. The odd’s are, that’s OK by you, because that’s all you’re striving for.

However, building a great fitness and physique won’t guarantee you reach your full athletic potential, and that can be a little disconcerting if you care about how you ultimately perform. What’s the point of looking like an athlete if you can’t perform like one?

The point is this: You need to determine what it is you want to accomplish. Do you want to work your butt off, going harder and longer with the aspiration you will be faster but without considering, its time to slow it all down for a percentage of your training routine and concentrate on your Form (especially in the early days).

form-skatingConcentration on your style, your Form, your Efficiency, sure less Sexy, but this is where you can make the most gains, and it’s basically FREE. Increased improvement for no additional calorie burn.

Sure when your out with your training mates, doing it, its hard to check the testosterone, even with the girls.

But take yourself away, alone now and again and focus on being SLOW-OBSERVANT-METHODICAL-WATCHFUL of your body movement, your FORM.

The Swim is key example of this “is it all splash and no dash” sure you may be working hard and getting an increased aerobic workout.

But here is an activity that Form will outclass fitness 10 to 1.

The same also applies to Cycling. Form can be improved by a proper Bike-Fit for a start, no point teaching you body correct Form if you start in the wrong body position. Once correctly set-up. Body Position in the AERO, Cadence, Pedal rotation, balance and much more can be progressively worked on and enhanced as well as the skills development in cornering , braking and descending.

When you Run, use your ears-listen to your foot-fall, feel how tall you are, check your posture, use the eyes and watch your arms, sense any tension.

These are things you need to train yourself to do…all the time, it should become instinctive, the feeling when you Fall-out of Form.