Addaero Solo-Train Better

  Addaero Story The idea started in 2005 with a frustrated athlete and a coach with a simple idea. Addaero has evolved into something better and it is getting bigger. While maintaining the simplicity that our users desire, Addaero continues to add features and functionality that provide an invaluable tool for coaches and athletes. Today,…


Developing solid bike-handling skills and superior cycling technique enables triathletes to complete their bike legs faster, more comfortably, and with lower energy consumption!


Pacing is a crucial component to our training programs. Research indicates that training intensity is the most important factor for improving the physiological processes that determine running performance.


“Feel you’re working with the water, not fighting the water.” You’ve come to the right place. I guarantee that the Total Immersion Swim technique will help you achieve any goal that brought you here–and with surprising ease and enjoyment. With TI, you don’t need youth, athleticism, special talents, or endless laps to become the swimmer…