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What are Ketone and what do they do to the body? Read on for a full overview of ketones and their role in a ketogenic diet. — Read on perfectketo.com/what-are-ketones/

Male / Female Intermittent Fasting – Two sides of the same Coin

The issue of women specific Intermittent fasting seems to generally revolve around Hormone imbalance’s and fertility issues. Fatigue Depressed mood Bloating Headaches Irregular periods and fertility issues etc, some but not limited to. “I see it as the two sides of the same Coin” Refer article I just posted to highlight, from a Dr.Amy Shah,…

A Woman’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

From article: Posted  by Dr.Amy Shah, M.D., a double board-certified doctor who received her medical training from Cornell, Harvard and Columbia Universities. When I first tried intermittent fasting, I failed – miserably. The first day, I under at and couldn’t sleep all night from the hunger. The next day, I was tired, cranky, and grossly…

The amazing changes intermittent fasting

The amazing changes intermittent fasting does to your body and brain Stars like Beyonce and Hugh Jackman have spoken out about following intermittent fasting plans to get in shape. How does intermittent fasting work? We spoke with one of the leading neuroscientists in this field, Mark Mattson at the National Institute on Ageing Intramural Research…

There’s nothing like a warm chai

 How-to make your own Chai Spice Mix It’s so easy to make your own chai spice mix at home. After you’ve tried it, you’ll never look back! Masala chai – also known as ‘chai’, or ‘chai tea’ – is a traditional tea from India containing a mixture of warming aromatic herbs and spices mixed with…

Got Milk

Confused by all the different types of milk at the supermarket? It’s no longer simply a matter of reaching for full cream, light or skim milk; nowadays you have to navigate labels claiming everything from high calcium to low saturated fat, and from added omega-3 to A2 proteins – not to mention the growing organic…

Liver Let Die

The liver is one of the major fat burning organs in the body, and is often referred to as a “fat pumping” organ. What this means is that the liver can carry fat into the small intestine through bile, where it gets taken out of the body by bowel action.

Glycogen Replenishment After Exhaustive Exercise

The principle of glycogen resynthesis and supercompensation has great practical implications, not only in athletics, but also within industry for workers who consistently undergo depletion of glycogen stores due to prolonged bouts of exertion.

Fructose and Its Impact on Our Bodies

Fructose is a valuable and needed nutrient. It is not the fructose that is the problem but the overly generous supply found in our manufactured foods. Fructose found in fruits and vegetables is slowly absorbed into the blood stream, its absorption blunted by the soluble fibre naturally found in these foods.