The Iconoclasses Experience

Whether you opt for a Period Coaching Package or ongoing Coaching the following things encompass the Iconoclasses Coaching Experience.

Beginners to Advanced Athletes

Why should only elite level runners have regular access to a coach? Iconoclasses Coaching is available to all. This is about having regular contact with a coach so that you can achieve your targets (goals) sooner, no matter whether you are a weekend warrior or pushing the elite ranks!

Monthly Training Plans

Iconoclasses Coaching will create a detailed monthly training plan that takes into account your schedule for work, family and life commitments. Your strengths, personal targets and areas of improvement are carefully considered and delivered through Free Addaero account or Training Peaks Premium Pay for Service account, accessible only by you and your coach through the web.

Monthly Training Reviews

Each month Iconoclasses Coaching will arrange a personal training review of your previous month’s training activity at a time that suits your schedule. We revisit your performance, personal targets and areas of improvement, using this time to determine if adjustments need to be made to your training plans.

Regular Progress Checks

Iconoclasses Coaching constantly monitor your training through a Free Addaero account or Training Peaks Premium Pay for Service account so we can keep track of how your training progresses. We’ll put you on the right track and keep you on the right track!

7/365 Phone and Email Contact

Iconoclasses Coaching is there to provide valuable advice when you need it. If you have a question about your training plans, you can email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If a more in-depth discussion is needed we’ll happily give you a call.

Endurance Goals we have assisted people in achieving

I have coached people towards completing their first 1/2 marathon, first marathon, 70.3 IRONMAN & 70.3 IRONMAN, as well as assisted people towards improving their trail running while often reaching new PB’s (Personal Best’s) along the way.
But we don’t only help beginners I have assisted intermediate and advanced runners and Triathaletes to beat long held P.B.s in Half Marathons, Marathons, IRONMAN & 70.3 IRONMAN to World Championship Level.

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your first program and month of coaching from Iconoclasses we will gladly refund your monthly coaching fee as well as your set up fee.

Our Pricing

Understanding that I am probably not the cheapest coach going around, but I don’t aim to compete on price. I coach only a limited number of clients the aim to compete on service, with very individualistic tailored programs.

Training Peaks Premium Account

All athlete’s receive a Premium Training Peaks account included with their coaching fee. (Valued at $15/ month). The cost break down can be see under the appropriate headings.