Local athlete or On-Line

Whats covered in the package?

  • Personalised training plan specific to half or full marathon running
  • We’ll demonstrate and visually show you your fitness improving
  • Regular feedback on your progress
  • Fitness testing
  • Outline of training zones
  • Build upon your Key Endurance Runs (long runs)
  • Aerobic Base Development
  • Anaerobic Engine Development (24 Week Race Package)
  • Develop your understanding of your Personal Pacing.
    Personal Race Strategy
  • Run Strength will be developed
  • Race Taper
  • Recovery (weekly and long term)
  • Planned Stretching
  • Nutrition Guidance (Referral to an accredited practicing dietician if needed)
  • Gear Selection
  • Periodisation of your training plan

Will you make the distance? Well we can’t garuntee that, after all the unexpected could happen. But we can put you in a dam good position to personally have a great race. We’ll make sure you front up at the start line with confidence you will make it to the finish line.

What’s included
Monthly scheduled meeting or phone call (Skype available for interstate or overseas runners)
Ultimate email contact
Personal Premium Training Peaks Account
Initial runner questionare
Extended initial consult
Post Race Review
14 Week Race Package

Perfect for those who signed up for a race and have been running on their own for a while but would like some guidance over the final part of their lead into their goal race.
Coaching $490
Training Peaks Premium $45 (waived if runner comes with access to a TP Premium account)
Total $535
24 Week Race Package

-Includes bonus post race recovery week guidance

Perfect for those looking to tackle the full marathon.
This is for the beginner, intermediate or advanced runner who is aware that fitness take time to improve. These people want to see big improvements in their running. These people are aware that two things are essential for optimal performance; time and periodisation.
Sure the last 12 weeks are key, but its everything which is put in place prior to these 12 weeks which makes these last 12 weeks possible.
Coaching $840
Training Peaks Premium $90 (waived if runner comes with access to a TP Premium account)
Total $930