mentor-headerMentoring versus Coaching

Mentoring is not the same as coaching although sometimes coaching programs are labeled as “mentoring” and sometimes a mentoring relationship can include aspects of coaching. The key differences relate to the focus and objectives of mentoring as opposed to coaching. Coaching has a clear set of objectives and goals which once achieved brings about a “natural ending” to the relationship/agreement between the coach and the person being coached.

Mentoring is much broader and is related to the whole person and their life, with goals and objectives evolving over time. Iconoclasses claims the major differences between mentoring and coaching relate to focus, role, relationship, source of influence, personal returns and the arena in which mentoring takes place.

Similarly, mentoring is not role modeling. A mentor may be a role model, but a role model is not necessarily a mentor. A role model is a person who serves as a model in a particular behavioural or social role for another person to emulate. Role models can exist outside of a formal relationship. In fact, a person may be a role model to another, without even knowing the person who looks to them for examples of how to behave in a particular social or more formal context.

Iconoclasses Coaching develops projects, consultancy services and sport mentoring activities for individuals, companies, sports clubs and associations and educational institutions.
We strongly believe that the physical aspects of sport should never be our only focus. Sport should be “mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a healthy body”, as it can teach us so many things, integrity, perseverance, courage, discipline, values that can be applied to our daily lives.
I believe that sport mentoring is one of the elements that makes us different.
Key Projects:
Run your Company:
A corporate training program with a difference. I work with a range of specialists both within and outside the world of sport to put together programs that inspire and motivate.
Program 1: Through an innovative mixture of formats and languages, (theatre, demonstrations, practical training and seminars) we take a new approach to the world of running. The course covers both the mental and physical approach to sport, and how these values can be successfully applied to everyday life.
Program 2: Team building with a difference: Our coach will prepare a specific training program for your corporate running or triathlon team – whether they plan to take part in a team relay or any other selected event. Bringing motivation, inspiration, team-work and determination back into the office.
Running is Rewarding:
Similar to the Run Your Company program but aimed specifically at meeting the needs and requirements of sports clubs and associations outside the world of athletics (e.g. rugby, football, baseball). We can provide a range of mentoring and coaching services to help teams construct a strong athletic base and a positive mental approach to running, essential for many different sports.
Runners need Supporters:
Working together with local authorities, this project aims at encouraging residents to participate in and support local sporting events through education, communication and marketing.
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